The Miracles of Jeeyar Swamiji – Part 3

August 20, 2010


My father had given a portion of his site to me and my brother and had asked us,to construct houses for our living.. The finance was not at all a problem as we used to get loan from the Bank at a concessional rate. But somehow or the other the construction never started. A few years had lapsed and the cost of materials were going up steadily. My father complained about this, to The Jeeyar Swamy and requested the Swamiji to advise us to start construction.

After two days, The swamiji, said that many of our dead brothers and sisters are playing in the site given to us and it would be impossible to construct any thing there unless all of them are liberated. We were three brothers and one sister, all were alive and no death, had occurred in the family. We were astonished. My mother had an elder sister ( who was no more at that time), she had delivered many children, none survived, this had happened a few decades earlier and even we were not aware of this. The Swamiji, revealed these facts to us and said that he would perform a ritual to solve this problem.

A few dolls, to play for the children were brought. About five kilos of cooked rice, along with some fruits and other things were kept in a shed selected for this purpose. The swamiji performed some rituals there, came out and locked the shed. In the night, he opened the door and asked us to put all the things kept there in water. My self and my younger brother packed all the things in a bag and started towards a tank near Gavipuram. “ Do not talk to any body or with your selves, till you return” the Swamiji had said.

We were riding towards the tank on our Rajdooth motorcycle. The vehicle, which was running smoothly till then, had trouble in moving, even in steep downs. We felt as if many people were riding on the motorcycle along with us. We were not to talk. Relive us, we had to push the vehicle near Gavigangadhara temple, where the road descends steeply and with great difficulty we got rid of the luggage in the tank water and returned. The return journey was smooth. On arrival, the Swamiji asked us to wash our legs, before entering the house and poured a bucket of water on the motorcycle. Much of the water went out in the form of steam. The engine and the silencers were that hot.

After this incident, we commenced the construction of our houses during January 1991. There were no problem. The houses were complete by May and the house warming ceremony was conducted on the Aksha Tadige day in May. We did not see the Jeeyar Swamy after February 1991. He had returned to Kanchipuram. He sujjested naming my house as Sannidhi ( a place where the lord resides). During Navarathri festival that year, we read about his sad demise in a news paper.

I don’t know, what brought us together. He came by surprise, conquered us with his love, affection knowledge, helped us in many ways and disappeared, with in a very short time. We still fallow his advice in our daily life. A swami, never lives in any body’s house and it is against the Sanyasa Dharma. But we were blessed to have the swamiji with us for over 02 months as an Avadhoota ( the messenger of god).

We have visited his samadhi, twice and have offered our prayers there. Our building a shelter on his samadhi could not be fulfilled, due to some persons occupying that area and have started cultivating the lands there. The samadhi of the Swamiji and that of his predecessors have all been destroyed.

Narasimha K

The Miracles of Jeeya Swamiji – Part 2

August 7, 2010



In my previous blog I had written about the Jeeyar Swamy, who with his powers had made me read Sanskrit, which I never knew. Let me share a few more experiences I had in his company. At the time of the Swamijis stay with us I had just come to Bangalore and was staying with my parents. I was yet to shift my family and the house hold articles to Bangalore. The Swamiji had asked me to prepare a Mahanarayana Yantra. I was drawing it under his guidance which took more than seven days and I was not able to go in search of a house for me to shift. One evening I requested him to let me go and search for a house. “ There is no chance of you getting a house until the yantra is completed and once completed ‘ Hanuman’ will will get you a house” he said. After the Yantra was completed an owner of the house by name Hanumantharaya Shetty, who was known to my father called on us and said that the ground floor of his house was vacant and weather I would like to occupy it. Our house was in third cross and the house offered was in the seventh cross of our colony. I would not have got a better house, near to my parents house, even if I had gone searching for one.

The weather was cloudy, the climate was chill with frequent drizzles now and then. We were sitting in the hall of my sisters house. ‘ Do you want to see god?’ The swamiji asked. ‘ Who will not want to?’ I readily agreed. ‘Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable posture’ the swamiji ordered, which I readily obeyed. Nothing happened. The swamiji must be joking, I thought. A few more minutes passed, then came the smell of Tulasi leaves, fresh and soothing. Then came the fragrance of sandle wood, fallowed by the smell of jasmine, Champa, Kumkum etc., After some time swamiji asked me to open my eyes, sat by my side and explained “ the smell of Tulasi and sandle would represent Narayana and his avataras, the soft fragrance of flowers represent Goddess Lakshmi and other deities, whereas the smell of Kumkum belongs to Kali, Durga etc., Like wise the smell of Vibhuti belongs to Shiva, Skanda etc. You will be able to recognize these things with a little practice and by his grace”.

“Lord Sreenivasa along with Padmavathi is visiting us with Prasadam” he announced one evening. We were curious and were eager to have Tirupathi Laddu.. A gentleman named Srinivasa Chakravarthy and his wife Padma Chakravarthy called on him the next day, with some fruits. The fruits were distributed to us as prasadam.

The Swamiji would not allow us to go out and wanted us to be with him always. One day I told the Swamiji, that I had an important work to do and went out. The moment I came out, my mind became blank. I simply walked, on the bazaar street and returned. “ Did you finish the important work for which you went out” the Swamiji asked. “Yes” I replied. “ What work did you do, roaming the streets” he asked. I had no reply. The Swamiji had the power of reading and controlling ones mind.

One day before ‘Thiruvadipuram’ ( a day to mark the birth day of goddess Mahalakshmi), he asked us to perform the puja. When it was brought to his notice that Thiruvadipuram was on the next day, he said that the time of Mahalakshmi’s birth had already come ( commencement of Pubba star) and insisted on our performing the puja, the same night. We obeyed and the puja was performed. The next day, early in the morning, the message of the sudden demise of our uncle was received We would have missed the pujas, had we waited for the next day.

The obstacles, we faced in commencing and construction of our houses and how the Swamiji helped us in this regard will be the subject for the next blog.

Narasimha K

The miracles of Jeeyar Swamiji

July 25, 2010

THE JEEYAR SWAMY OF KANCHIPURAM – 01 (03) Between July1990 and January1991 I had come in to close contact with His holiness Sri Alazhiya Manavala Jeer Swamy of Sri Kanchipuram. He had come to Devarahosahalli, a small village on the outskirts of Channapattana, in connection with the car festival, which we also attended. He was provided with a room at the entrance of the house and there was a big gathering out side to meet him and get blessed. we also waited for our turn. When I went in, he called me in and made me sit by his side and talked as if we were very close to each other for a long time. He presented me with a silver idle of Sri Lakshminarayan kept in a silver cup and asked me weather he could come to our house for Chaturmasa stay. My father readily agreed, thinking it to be a joke and we returned. The next day evening the Jeeyar swamy was at our house. He stayed with us for nearly 02 months and those were the best part of my life. He taught many things from religion to astrology, from pleasing the gods to driving the devils. I always believed in the gods but never accepted the devils entity. Every minute spent with him were worth an experience and I had applied leave during his stay with us. Several miracles happened, for which no scientific explanations can be given.. He used to tell me in advance about some ones visit. He taught me to identify the presence of gods and goddess by their fragrance. He was an expert in almost all subjects and had an extraordinary memory. We would quote a reference from some book with the page number and the paragraph. He taught the secrets of links and relationship between people in horoscopes. The only problem with him was that he was very moody and used to get angry without any reason. An industrialist had invited the Swamiji to his house. The father of that person had died on the day of the marriage of his daughter and they had a lots of problems. The swamiji had suggested certain rituals for solving their problems. A room was ready with all the articles required for the ritual. A photo of his father was also placed in the middle. The Swamiji handed over to me a big Sanskrit book and asked me to recite an Upanishat from the book, closed the door from outside and went. I knew no Sanskrit and could not read even Hindi. While reading the caption itself was difficult, what was the way to read the text? I opened the book and went to the page number of the upanishad he had suggested. It was “ Langoola Upanishad “ and started reading it by joining letter by letter ( right or wrong). After a few seconds, I could read the words and the entire upanishad, with professional ease. Bad smell of burning a body started emanating in the room. After several minutes, the swamiji opened the door and announced that the rituals were all over. On our way back, he asked me as to how I could recite a very tough Upanishad with such perfection and ease. He was smiling. Then clarified that he did it on my behalf, “The Sanyasis are forbidden from doing any such rituals by themselves” he said.. Can you believe this? I would not, if I had not experienced it my self. I requested the Swamiji to read the Upanishad for me so that I could write it in Kannada. Now, I have the Sanskrit version of the Langoola Upanishad written in Kannada language, with me. It may not be out of place to mention that while typing this blog the computer got stuck for nearly 45 minutes. No letters could be added or deleted, while spell check and other keys operated normally. The computer was switched off three times and nothing helped. I was about to give up the idea of continuing this blog. I requested the Jeer swamy to help me continue with the blog and the system started functioning as normally as it was before. Can you believe this? I believe it, because it happened to me. .


Narasimha K


July 16, 2010


Saturn is the farthest Graha in our Hindu Predictive Astrology. There may be a number of other planets after Saturn, but they have been ignored as non relevant in the day to day predictions on human beings. A planet in Sanskrit is a Graha, but the meaning of a Graha is more exhaustive than planet. A planet is a member of the solar system going round sun. But a Graha is a celestial body ( may even be non existent like Rahu or Ketu) and a member of the solar system which goes round the sun and that influence the earth and its inhabitants. The more the distance of the planet the more number of years it takes to complete one circle around the sun. If the time taken by a planet to go round the sun is more than the life span of a human being then its effect on an individual is not worth a study on a day to day basis. The planets situated at a farther point can create generations, rather than influencing an individual.

The planet Saturn takes nearly 30 years to go round the sun and takes nearly 30 months to travel a zodiac sign. Because of his slow movement the effects are felt for a long time.  He is considered  a natural malefic planet. Is that so or its only a myth? Because of the continued hardship , they say he represent the working class, who have more of misery and less of happiness in their life time. Saturn in its journey round the sun is said to give 15 years of misery and happiness for the remaining 15 years. But it is not continuous and is split in to different stages. Now lets try to understand the period in which hardship is awarded to the native.

Sade Sath Shani ( seven and a half years), Ardhastama ( two and a half years), Pancham Shani ( two and a half years) and Ashtam Shani (two and a half years) are considered bad totaling to 15 years. Significantly all these positions are from the moon and not from the individual ascendants. To understand the concept better I will give you an example for all the above Arista ( bad) positions. If you are born when moon is in Taurus, then your Sade Sath will commence on the day the Saturn enters Aries and continue till he leaves Gemini. The Ardhastama and Pancham Shani commences from the day the Saturn enters Leo and continues till he leaves Virgo. The Ashtama Shani commences the day the Saturn enters Sagittarius and continues till he leaves Sagittarius This is counted in rashis or Zodiac signs. Is this correct? For a person born on the 29.50 degrees of Taurus the Sade Sath commences on the day Saturn enters Aries and for a person who was born half an hour later the same period commences after two and a half years. To set right the ambiguity it should be understood that the bad time of Saturn starts when the planet is 45 degrees behind the moons position and continues till he moves 45 degrees away from moons longitude. This is more logical. In case of Pancham Shani it commences 30 degrees behind moons longitude and continues till he crosses 30 degrees after moon. (Ardhastama and Pancham Shani has a total span of five years in succession.) Like wise The Ashtama Shani commences 15 degrees before and continues till he crosses 15 degrees from the longitude of moon at birth.

How dose a planet influence individuals? Through its gravitational power and through the light it emits on the earth. Weather it effects all individuals alike or the effects vary from person to person? The effects are not universal. One may not suffer during the bad periods of Saturn and continue to enjoy all benefits. Who suffer the most during the bad periods of Saturn?. Remember, Its only the people who had such positions at birth, that suffer the most and not the other individuals. That is, If one had Sade Sath, Ardhastama, Pancham or Ashtama Saturn at the time of birth, then the individual will suffer more during the present Sade Sath, Ardhastama, Pancham or Ashtama Shani. The others need not fear Saturn. Because of the misery happiness is appreciated better. The fortunes acquired through Saturn lasts long. Any person who acquire wealth or position at the age of around 30 years is likely to enjoy the position for the rest of his life. Effects of Saturn can be compared to that of an executioner who enforce punishment according to the judgement.

Once the effects of Saturn are over, he will restore normalcy and returns all favors to the individual who have suffered during his bad spell. The best example for this effect is Smt. Indira Gandhi, the then prime minister of India. She lost power, name and fame during her Ashtama Shani and bounced back immediately after the period to become more powerful. The general effects of Bad Saturn are Loss of finance, Unsuccessful projects, Injury to legs, Loss of position, name, Misunderstandings between relatives, friends, bosses, Aim less wanderings, less returns for more work, disappointments etc., Many people marry during this period and continue to suffer for the rest of their life. It is also observed that the parents are parent like relatives may die during Sadesath.

Patience and perseverance are the best ways of overcoming the effects of Saturn. Accept things as it comes and you will be happy. Do not waste your money and time on the various remedies the half learned astrologers prescribe. ‘Sakala Graha Bala Neene Sarasijaksha’ ( The lord himself is the power behind all Planets). Your beloved family deity is capable of safeguarding your interests against the ill effects of Saturn or any other malefic planets. Trust in GOD. Do good to others. Extend a helping hand to the needy and you are blessed to overcome your own problems. Saturn is your best friend and not a Foe.



July 12, 2010
The mighty Himalayas, the land of the Gods

 My first journey towards the Himalayas, was in the year 1978. After visiting many pilgrimages like, Yamunotri, Gangotri etc., I wished that I should have brought my parents also with me. Many old aged persons had undertaken this pilgrimage along with their sons. There used to be no rush at these places, only a few hundred persons visited these shrines each day, during the season. Except Badrinath, one had to trek in the Himalayas to reach Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath etc.,

In my very young age, it is said that I was very mischievous and being unable to bear my mischievousness my mother had left me in the house Sri. M.Krishnamurti Rao and Smt Nagamma, who were their family friends. The attachment grew stronger and Despite them having, four daughters and one son, they kept me in their house as the sixth. I was taken good care of and all their daughters loved me as their own brother. I studied with them till my sixth standard at different places, wherever they were transferred. I considered them as my own parents till such time my parents took me. After retirement they settled at Bangalore. All their four daughters were happily married and the only son had been working for a PSU at Bangalore.

Continuing the story of my pilgrimage of the Himalayas, one morning We reached Guptkashi, on way to Kedarnath and had stopped there for the darshan of Gupteswar Mahadev, situated there. By the side of our vehicle, a Tourist bus had been parked and some of them were busy preparing the breakfast to the pilgrims and to our surprise, they were talking Kannada, a language spoken in Karnataka state. They were from The Asian Travels and said that they were on tour for the past 30 days. I went to the temple and returned to our car, for an onward journey towards Gaurikund.

The pilgrims of the bus also had come back and my joy knew no bounds, when I discovered, that my parents, Krishnamurti Rao and Nagamma,  were also there along with other pilgrims. I was extremely happy, as the god had fulfilled my desire of visiting these sacred places along with my parents. We, then travelled together, to Kedarnath and Badrinath. I boarded the bus and made them travel in our car. They were also extreemly happy to see me 

While resting at a place called Rambada, on way to Kedarnath, Smt. Nagamma told me that they had requested their son to accompany them on this tour. But he could not make it due to leave problem. Being aged, they always wanted their son to be with them and god had fulfilled their wish also. When we returned to Delhi, they cut short their journey and returned to Bangalore along with us. The gods blessings, in my meeting them at Guptkashi, when both were willing to have each others company, only goes to show, that he is the best organiser.

As if a coincidence, my father had died on the same day Sri. Krishnamurti Rao passed away. But on a different year. We celebrate our fathers annual ceremony, while the ceremony of Sri.Krishnamurti Rao is celebrated at their house. I visit them in the evening and have the Prasadam.

God is the Producer and director of several such surprising climax, twists and turns in the high suspense Drama Called LIFE.



July 8, 2010


Last week, I had written about the rituals, that were conducted by me in my co brothers house in connection with his completing 60 years and arrival of a cow and calf to his house in the late hours. On reading this blog, Sri. Dwarakanath shared two more incidents that happened on the day of the function, which is worth sharing. If each one of our readers con analyse an event and start appreciating the power/cause behind it, my efforts in sharing these experiences, with you all, are fulfilled.

The Shanti was celebrated at Sri Venkateswara temple choultry, in Basaveswar nagar, very near to my co brothers house on 15.072007. An announcement in the papers had come that there will be a power shut down for repairs, in that area between 9.00am to 5.00pm on that day. The choultry people had forgot to pump water from the sump to the overhead tank, that day, which we also did not observe till the last drop of water in the over head tank was emptied by 09.15am. There was no way of getting water to the choultry, as it was situated at a height and had no asses by road. While I was busy with the religious part of the function, his daughters and son in laws were busy, worrying, how to solve the problem of providing water for food preparation, hand and plate washing purposes.

The choultry manager washed his hands by telling that it is our responsibility to look in to these things. There was no generator. Divya Satish, the daughter of my co brother, went straight to the temple, situated next to the choultry and sought divine help in solving the problem. The lord had heard her prayer and to the relief of every one, the power which was to be restored by 5.00 pm was restored at 10.00am itself. Lord Gangadhara had blessed us with water, from his Jata for the benefit of all of us. Apart from Venkateswara, there are Ganapathi, Easwara and other temples also.

My co brother is a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. He had given the first invitation of his shanti to Sri Sai Baba Temple inviting Baba to grace the occasion and bless them. It was also his wish that Baba should attend the function and that he should be able to recognise his presence. On the day of the function a man in a poor attire came and had his lunch along with the other invitees. No body objected to this as lunch was being served to many invitees and one non invitee, made no difference. As usual all at lunch were greeted by my co brother, including the stranger.

Next day while performing puja at home it flashed, all of a sudden that the stranger was none other than Baba himself. His wife, who was at the kitchen, also had the same thought and she rushed to her husband to share the thought. Baba had fulfilled all the prayers, He had come for the function and he made them realise his presence. But a day later. His taking lunch was seen again in the video coverage. Have you also come across such experiences and have thought that your problems were solved by mere chance or luck? Thank God !

Narasimha K


July 5, 2010


Shri Dwarakanath is my co-brother. He turned 60 three years ago. A function was arranged and I had taken the responsibility of conducting the religious part of the ceremony. A relative of my mine, who was well versed, with these rituals was invited for performing the rituals. Some rituals had to be completed the previous night. My relative informed me that he would come to Bangalore a day before by the afternoon train, which would reach Bangalore earliest by 10.30 pm.

Starting the rituals after 11.00 pm was not practicable and I assured my Co-brother that I my self would conduct the rituals. Though assured, I had not done it any time before and was worried about its proper conduct. I prayed god to forgive me for all the lapses that may occur and bless my co brother with long life, peace and prosperity.I started the rituals which went on for till  10.00 pm.

 When the rituals were over a cow with its calf appeared before the house, at that late hour and started shaking the gates.  We came down and  performed pooja to the cow and calf by offering rice, jaggery and fruits. After the    pooja the cow and the calf went on their own and disappeared in the next cross road. All of us were surprised, at seeing the cow and the calf at that time in front of the house and were happy with the good omen. I also was relived. I was happy, because the god had accepted my prayers and had blessed. No one had seen that cow and calf or any other cow and calf in their locality,at any point of time.

A cow and calf is a very good omen for the Hindus as we believe that the cow represent 33 crore gods. It is worshipped as Gomata ( Mother cow) as each one of us grow with its milk A cow and a calf is brought and made to enter the house during the house warming ceremony and a lot of money is to be paid to the owner of the cow for this service. In this case they had come on their own. There was no one with them. It is quite strange, that a cow and a calf is allowed to roam the streets at night. The function, next day went on very well and all were happy. The gods had approved our humble and sincere prayers . 



July 1, 2010


During 1999, Sri Veereshanandaji of Ramakrishna Mutt, Tumkur had come to Shimogga. A Bhajana Satsang was organized at the temple. He was to teach the techniques of Dhyana on that day and a good number of people had gathered to hear him. A shamiana had been erected at the venue of the Satsang, behind the temple.

In the midst of the programme, a storm started and it was as if the entire shamiana would collapse. The wind gathered momentum and poles of the shamiana would go up a few feet and each of us were struggling to hold the poles to the ground..The lights went off and all the people were scared and were about to reach safer places as it started drizzling.

The Swamiji did not loose his cool. He asked all, to sit and maintain calm. He asked us to join him in a bhajan and assured that the sudden fury of the nature would end. A bhajan requesting the Goddess Mother to protect was sung. It was a treat to hear him sing and as he raised his voice the storm reduced, rains stopped and finally the normalcy was restored with in a few minutes. We watched this miracle happening.

After the programme, I had to drop him to one of his disciples house. My self, the swamiji and my uncle started in my car. The car had lots of trouble in moving. It was completely OK till that evening . The clutch plate is gone I thought. The vehicle had problem moving even  downward. The swamiji was sitting in the back seat. He did not speak during the entire journey which took nearly half an hour, which otherwise would have taken less than ten minutes. The car was struggling to move forward as if a hundred people were in. Finally, we reached the house, where the swamiji alighted. After spending a few minutes with the swamiji, we started and to our surprise the car ran as smoothly as it were before. There was no problem at all.

The swamiji must have gathered all the spiritual strength to calm down the natures fury and must have gained enormous weight. Remember the ocean splitting to make way to moses in ten commandments. Mountain Vindhya bowing to sage Agasthya. Jahnu drinking Ganges and leaving her out through his ears. God is always great but he tries to glorify his Devotees as still greater than him. People associated with such great souls are really lucky and blessed.



June 28, 2010


I always wanted to visit the holy cave of Amarnath, situated in Kashmir. A Shivaling is formed out of Ice in the caves during Shravana. It was in 1984, I decided to go and invited eight of my other friends to join me. We started our journey in the month of August and planned to reach the caves on the full moon day of Shravana.  We had carried kitbags, holdals and trunks for the journey.

After three days journey by Train and bus we reached Pehalgao, the base camp for starting a trek to Amarnath. We booked tents for our onward journey with travel assistance agents at Pehalgao and started our journey towards Chandanavari, the first halting station. We traveled on foot carrying all the luggage over our heads and reached Chandanvari by evening and rested in the tents booked already. It rained the whole night. We started early next morning. The journey between Chandanvari and Seshnag, was very steep and tiresome. By the time we reached Pissutop, we were completely exhausted. From there we engaged horses to carry our luggage and reached Seshnag by 4.00 pm. During the night, we were told that the next days trek would be still difficult as we have to pass Mahadhanus pass to reach Panchatarani, which is about 15000ft. We engaged horses for our selves and for our luggage for the next days journey and reached Panchatarani, the next day by noon. By this time many of our team mates had developed high altitude sickness, loss of appetite, vomiting and fever. It was very cold and all of them were taking rest on the beds under heavy blankets. None of them seem to continue their journey the next day, I thought.

The atmosphere inside the tent was suffocating, and I came out of the tent and sat on a rock looking at the snow clad peaks. After a while I noticed some ice moving on a peak nearby. It moved like a computer graphic and took the shape of Simhavahini Durga. Imagine a figure of a few thousand feet height. I was wondering, as to where I had seen that picture before. It resembled a picture of Durga in an old calender. This calender was in my house at Hosanagar. The previous occupant had left that calender while vacating the house. It had no date sheets and was printed by M/S Khoday Distilleries. I used to keep a flower on the calender as I had not brought any photos, when I occupied that house. I thanked her for giving her darshan and requested her for our safe journey till we reached our homes. 

The next morning, very early in the morning, I and one of my friends started towards Amaranth cave, leaving behind the other friends. The cave was around 06 km from Panchatarani and we walked swiftly to reach the caves. After an hour we came to a cross road and we were not sure which route to go. One road descended and the other road went straight and we took the straight road. Two hours had passed and we never came across any one from behind or from the opposite side. After another hour, we came to know that we were on the other hill. The Cave was visible from there and we had to go down, cross a small stream and climb again to reach the cave. We started as we had no other choice. After nearly 06 hours from the time of starting we were at the foot of the cave. A Que was there to visit the temple and we could clearly see all our other friends standing in the Que above us near the entrance of the cave.

 The mother goddess had assured us of a safe passage but in my anxiety to reach the cave, I had ignored the assurance and had to pay a price of additional trek and severe strain. We all returned to Srinagar Via a shortcut through Baltal and returned safely to our respective destinations.I failed to understand god and his capabilities. Doubted their abilities, despite their darshan and assurance. Immediately after my return, I got the calender framed and still worship it in my pooja room. I remember the Amaranth episode when ever I see that photo where goddess Durga is standing, smiling before a lion. Is she smiling at me for my foolish act?



June 25, 2010


We fallow different religions, identify our selves with different castes and have become frogs in a well. A frog which cannot come out of the well  thinks that the well is the whole world. We are living in closed cells, not wanting to come out and see the light. Its due to the rigidity of our own understandings that is dividing the society and spreading hatred amongst ourselves.

Dose God approve discrimination amongst the rich and the poor ? Upper caste and lower castes ? Followers of different religions, faiths and practices ? The answer is a big NO. Rama’s greatness is praised by Shiva and Shiva has been worshiped by Rama, showing that there is no difference between them. We as followers of Shiva and Vishnu fight each other in the name of Shiva and Vishnu. Is this ignorance ? Improper guidance ? Selfishness ? Lack of knowledge and understanding? or Kali Maya ?

It was during Maha Samrajya Pattabhisheka function, in 1997 a great lesson was learnt by us. Three types of food were prepared by us during the occasion. One for the Rithvijs ( Brahmin’s performing the rituals). They had their own arrangement for food and had brought their cooks along with them. The second preparations were  for us and our relatives who had come for the function and the third preparation was for the general public ( Devotees ). Even though the entire project was funded by the devotees and the public in general,  they had the least preference.

On the first day of the function, the preparations made for the devotees fell short even though adequate arrangements were made keeping in mind the number of persons, that may turn up. On the second day, even though more food was prepared, it was not sufficient, even for half the crowd. We were worried and thought that some thing must have gone wrong , some where, in the system. We then decided to take our food daily, in the last batch, only after all the devotees are satisfied and vowed not to take any food in case of a shortage. This  worked. There was no shortage from the third day and we used to have food,  in a place where all the devotees had their food. The function, went on smoothly and nearly 75000 people,  had taken food at the temple during the 13 days function. 

The lord made us sit with the people and have food, breaking the myth of upper caste, lower caste , conveying the message that there is only one class and that is   the Devotees. When he HATES DISCRIMINATION why should we LOVE  AND PRACTICE IT?