In my blog on kalasarpa dosha  I had mentioned the causes for a dosha and the possible remedies.   Now let us examine why a person has to get in to the wheel of life and death.   The earth is the center for  the urdhva  and adho lokas.

Bhuvar, Suvar, Maha, Jana, Tapa and Satyaloka are the heavens situated above Bhooloka (earth).   Atala, Dhitala, Sutala, Talatala, Rasatala, Patala etc., are the lokas situated below the Bhooloka ( earth).   A person by virtue of his good deed attain the higher heavens and so the lower lokas by his bad deeds.

Let us call the deed as Karma.   Good deed is Sukarma and bad deed is Kukarma.   According to karma theory one has to enjoy the results of his past deeds either in the present birth or the next birth. Karma is like the husk on a grain. No grain sprouts without the husk covering it. Once the outer layer is removed it becomes use less for re-generation. So any deed good or bad covers us like an outer layer and make us take birth again and again on this earth.   The higher the heavens we attain the longer is the wait for the rebirth.   For others it is fast and they have no choice.   Souls living in very high lokas take birth in this world as Avadhootas ( Avana dootaru – Persons coming to the earth on the direction of the god).   True Sadhus and sanyasis come from tapoloka and continue their efforts to do universal good, with their knowledge and wisdom.   The souls from the other lokas take a rebirth with  a silver/golden spoon and enjoy all comforts with little or no efforts.

Sinister souls take a rebirth as creatures living on / below the earth/water like snakes, ants, rats, fish, wild animals, vultures, etc.,The struggle for their survival and live in a world of fear, uncertainty, hunger etc.,  Some of the creatures get rid of their karma by doing a service to the mankind.   Horses, Dogs, Goats, Camels etc., belong to this category.   All the above are as per Karma Theory.

Now let us try to understand how a deed is converted into a layer leading to re-birth.   One can do an act by three means.   Kaya ( by body), Vacha ( by speech) and Manasa ( by mind).

All  sins done by the body are Kaya Sins.   Remember the act should be sudden where mind is not applied before  committing the sin.   Things committed in a fit of rage comes under this category.   The intensity of the sin  is only 15%.   This is very easy to get rid of.   If you are at fault  confess,  apologise, regret sincerely, repent.   The sin committed is nullified.

All sin committed by way of speech are Vacha Sins.   Here you abuse a person, talk ill of a person and cause immense damage  to the image of a person.   Though it is not a physical assault it causes more pain to the affected person.   Here you are committing a sin of 30% magnitude.   Getting rid of this sin is bit difficult and a little punishment is required to get rid of this sin.

All sinister designs in your mind, though not expressed to others is a greater sin of 55% magnitude and attract greater punishment.   Thinking ill of others, planning to cheat etc., belong to this category.   These thoughts though nobody knows and cause no harm to others it will pollute ones own mind, body and soul.

To make it more clear, let us examine a few examples for the different categories:

You hit some person mistaking him to be a thief.   Some quarrel over a petty thing results in physical assault.   These fall under Kaya Sins with 15% sin magnitude.   Apologise, repent, seek excuse, get pardoned to nullify the effect.

Sita in her anxiety to send Lakshmana to the rescue of Rama at the time of killing of the golden deer abuses Lakshmana in a very harsh and painful words making false allegations.   This caused sin of 30% magnitude and Sita had to suffer  in the hands of Ravana and by separation from Rama.

Dhritarashtra the father of Kauravas  always wanted his children to rule  the country and never objected to the sinister designs of his children to cheat the Pandavas.   This finally led to the destruction of all the Kauravas.

Indra the king of devas had a sinister design of enjoying the Company of Ahalya the wife of sage Goutama.   He came in the disguise of Goutama and Ahalya who knew that the person in disguise was not her husband concurred to the sinister plans of  Indra.   This amounts to 70% sin as this involves a physical action with a sinister mental plan.   Indra had to suffer with Venerable Diseases for several years and Ahalya was isolated for several years and lived like a stone.

A planned murder accounts for 70% sin, where a death caused by accident accounts for 15%. Planning and talking ill of others causing damage to a persons image amounts to 85% sin.   Sins committed unknowingly have a lesser magnitude of Karmic layer while doing things knowingly will have a higher effect.

It is the reverse when it comes to Sukarma.   All good deeds of physical help etc., ranks for 30% sukarma.   Talking good, nice and gentle words confers 20% where thinking always good of others will provide 50% sukarma.

As already said, one gets in to this cycle of births and deaths to enjoy/suffer the deeds of karma in the previous birth and gets a rebirth to enjoy the karma done in this birth.   This continues till a stage where the person has not done any thing either to enjoy or suffer through his deeds, which is most unlikely.

Our epics( Purana’s ) have plenty of examples where even the gods and goddesses had to undergo punishment to cleanse themselves from the sin committed by them.   This goes to say that the theory of karma applies to all without exception.

The effects of sukarma in this birth are health, wealth, happiness, all luxuries and material happiness with power, good profession, elevation in life with little effort, good wife, children, brothers, parents, friends, and blessings.   It is up to the person to use all these facilities for the benefit of others by extending a helping hand, talk good, think good and attain higher lokas in the future births or go down the lane by misusing the facilities provided to him for selfish ends and sinister schemes and plans.

The effects of Kukarma are  bad health, diseases, high efforts for less results, bad children, wife, parents, brothers,friends, sufferings, disappointments, disputes,frustrations, delay, hurdles etc.,   A person with all these deficiencies can still aim for higher levels by enjoying these doshas and try to be of some help to others with in his limits.   Talk and feel good for others instead of cursing others for his present day conditions.

Please read the book ” Many Mansions” by Edger Kaycee also in this regard, which deals elaborately on this subject.   As already said the retrograde planets indicate the nature and quantum of sin in the horoscope, one can understand the reasons for his present day miseries based on the retrograde planets depending on their position and find ways to get relieved of the bad effects.

Be kind to your fellow human beings, be good to animals, do good, talk good and think good.   You will be rewarded by the law of  justice.   Circulate the message if you are convinced. Contact me if you are confused.   Let positive action from each one of us spread a positive awareness for the good of the world we live in.   Let us become knowledgable rather than being intelligent.




  1. Sadagopan Says:

    A good one as always. This blog is now in my favorites. 🙂

    I have a couple of questions. Pls excuse me if I am deviating from the topic.

    1) Are the percentages you mentioned here are explicitly mentioned in any of the puranas/books or these are suppositions?

    2) What if a person does a good deed with the thinking that this deed may increase the sukarma and so he can be healthy and wealth?

    Thanks a lot for the regular informative posts.


    • narasimhak Says:

      The percentages mentioned by me is only to quantify the effect. There is one concept ” Nishkamakarma” Doing a deed without expecting any thing in return. and ” Kamakarma” doing a deed expecting some thing in return. Weather you expect or dont expect any thing in return the results are there. In the first case it is many times more and in the later it may be less as it is clouded with selfish ends. When you pray for the good of others, it is likely that your wishes are met early. You feeding your family is no charity. Feeding others amounts to good deeds.


  2. Sadagopan Says:

    Thanks for the clarification. 🙂

  3. Rekha Ganguly Says:

    I guess this post will at last make me open the book by edgar casey which has been catching dust. This is going to make it very tough for everyone in the sales field. Day in day out a sales personell’s target is to sell as much for the best price irrespective of whether or not the product is worth the money. They plan and manipulate to hide the defects of their product, highlight the defects of competitors product just to sell theirs at a higher rate. Which category does this fall under? And what kind of price will they have to pay? Also now a days we find ill deeds more than good deeds, dose that imply that we will end up having more animals than humans? If yes, I guess we have an answer for over population…

    • narasimhak Says:

      A butcher is not at fault for killing an animal. A soldier is not at fault in killing the enemies. May be a sales man is not at fault in promoting some ones product. Dose pushing a product by false promises constitute a sin? A real mind blowing question. May be promoting a product which is not harmful or useful to the mankind may be excused. One need not have to take a rebirth to enjoy the fruits. Most of the scores are settled in this life only May be, that is the reason, for the growing tension. increases problems and less peace. Thank you.

  4. KR Says:

    Nice post… will check Many Mansions, Edgar Cayce sounds interesting..

    I have felt if there’s one law that is universal – physical or metaphysical – its the Law of conservation of energy or the Law of balance. There’s always a pain to gain something, like working hard to make money… Or being lazy leading to lack of way of living… When you do good going thru some hardship, you enjoy the fruit of it sometime or the other, and vice-versa…
    (the conscious happiness/guilt and mainly the anxiety after an action is the immediate fruit of it, there could be more too… even, the anxious thought of purvajanma and punarjanma is itself the fruit of our actions, I guess…)

    Expanding such a thought logically points to a state of Nishkama Karma, to be indifferent to the happiness/guilt in dealing with your daily chores.

    There might be pain – but there will be no suffering… There might be happiness – but it is not intoxicating.. (to not to be intoxicated is something we forget… conveniently…)

    The way the individual and the society are so complexly wound, its a ridicule to take ownership of results of actions, or expecting outcome from your deeds, … none can draw a simple linear relationship between any action and its effect…

    When excited/frustrated, a few minutes of silence – reminding of the Universal law (or the Writer of the Law) brings utmost peace, which evaporates easily too… To maintain the peace/bliss, needs practice.. a lot of it.. All kind deeds will follow automatically, I think…

    • narasimhak Says:

      Nice thinking. Happiness and misery are always the state of mind. You can be happy without any thing to enjoy or being worried with every thing around you at your disposal. This is called Prapthi or entitlement. Laws governing us and the society no doubt are made by us. This is definitely different from the law of nature/justice. Sri Krishna in Bhagavadgeeta has said ” Do your duties , with sincerity and honesty without bothering about the results”. As you have rightly mentioned the tension, anxiety,fear and the sense of guilt after an act itself could be a punishment and a path for not repeating it. Repeating it habitually may attract a higher level of punishment. Punishments to most of our sins are settled during our life time itself. If you observe carefully, we would have repaid aptly for our sins. Once I hit an old woman near Majestic area, while riding on my bike. I was in a hurry to go to a movie. It was during Deepavali . I managed with great skill to get out of the place without being caught and was boasting about it for several days. Two years later, when I was coming to Bangalore, to celebrate Deepavali, with my parents and brothers, the bus in which I was travelling lost control and hit a tree. I had damaged my throat box and was unable to speak for nearly 06 months. Despite the highest influence, I received no compensation for my injuries. The bus had no permit to run between my place and Bangalore and the owner of the bus had obliged to run the bus to our place on request and to the convenience of the people . The old woman might have got off with minor bruises when I hit her, this act had a greater and harsher reaction after two years, that too during Divali. Search the past you may also come across such instances.

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